Liam Beechinor

Liam Beechinor has been training Brazilian Jiujitsu since 2001. He is a Black Belt under Pedro Bessa NINE NINE Jiujitsu . Liam has travelled all over the world Learning the Art of Jiujitsu. Originally introduced to the Art in Australia , he has trained in San Diego , New York and , Europe. He is also an experienced competitor ,Achieving medals in IBJJF tournaments and National tournaments. 2011 IBJJF European Championships Brown Belt, Silver. 2014 IBJJF Paris International Open Silver. 2014 IBJJF London International NOGI Bronze. 2014 Premier Black Belt Absolute Bronze Cork. 2017 IBJJF Masters Bronze Barcelona, IAWA Level 1 Coach/ Child Protection Certified

Julien Pham Xuan

Julien is an Instructor at BJJCORK Brazilian Jiujitsu academy. An Experienced Purple Belt Instructor in teaching Beginners and seasoned competitors with National & International competition experience an achievements in both the Irish International Open and Premier Championships & IBJJF European medalist. IAWA Level 1 Coaching Course

Arann Maguire

Arran is Mixed Marital Arts Instructor and Pro Fighter. Experienced in Boxing , Wrestling , Jiujitsu. Arran has completed Level 1 Wrestling Coach Certification and is an experienced Instructor in Mixed Martial Arts. 2-1 Pro Record