DO I have to be fit to Join,?

Joining us, is a simple process . If you’ve Decided to Join you simply choose the package that best suites you. But first lets answer some common Questions for you.Defiantly Not , we have classes specific to novices and you are encouraged at your own pace. But we can guarantee you will be fitter .

What Gear do I need?

For the Beginners Program you will need a Pair of shorts and T-shirt and water. Thats it and your ready to go.

Do I need a Kimono for the Brazilian Jiujitsu Classes?

Yes, and we can provide one for you.

I’d like more information , where can I get that.?
Simply send us an email on the Contact page and we’ll get right on it.

How do I sign up

Simply follow the information Link below

We have a Variety of Classes for you & you can choose any classes with your package.

Brazilian JIujitsu GI (with the Kimono)
Brazilian Jiujitsu NOGI (without the Kimono)
Mixed Martial arts.


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